Existuje několik variant či klonů vDOsu, které mají různé vlastnosti a případné problémy. Může velmi výrazně a bez velkých problémů prodloužit funkčnost aplikací FANDu pod novými verzemi Windows. We recommend upgrading your browser. ca/wengier/vDosPlus. The DOSBox emulator and all its variants, like DOSBox SVN Daum, DOSBox Megabuild 6, vDos and vDosplus, on the Windows OS normally are run inside a window, like any other program. Your browser does not support frames. The customized vDos font created by Jos Schaars and built into vDosPlus does not handle double-line box-drawing characters in the normal fashion: instead of double lines, it shows dim single lines; for those characters where, in a normal font, double and single lines would intersect, Jos's font has glyphs that are partially bright and partially. What's new: Added the vDosPlus emulator (another DOSBox variant with some extras); Improved download of the selected DosBox variant and/or Printfil. Now it's much faster and reliable, especially on slow internet connections. Click Your browser does not support frames. Furthermore, unlike original vDos, vDosPlus supports a blinking cursor. TXT file for information on the many additional options in vDosPlus. It is enabled in vDosPlus by default as in a real DOS or Windows Command Prompt, but you can disable it with the BLINKC=OFF config option. This new build and its supporting files may be downloaded in a Zip archive (updated 10 January 2018). VS DOSBox VS vDosPlus VS DOSEMU VS rpix86 VS PC DOS VS jDosbox VS D-Fend Reloaded VS 4DOS VS RetroX VS Boxer VS D-Box VS DOSBox SVN Daum This page will help you find the best vDOS competitors and similar software. Click
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